The Work at Home Architect

“Architect, where are you based now?” “Are you still connected to that construction company?” 

These are frequently asked questions to me by everyone. 

I have been a Licensed Architect for almost five years, and I had been employed for nearly a decade. 

Most people thought that an Architect is worth a million or even got the highest salary rate in a company. But not all the time.

Being employed is not wrong, after all. I was bold by different kinds of employers, big and small, corporation and known, international and local, that fortunately led me exposed to various design or construction projects and high-end clients. 

Being employed will assure you that you have a stable job and income that will help you sustain your daily needs. You will even enjoy incentives, bonuses, or increased salary.

But there is always something that you would ever ask yourself, “Are you happy and contented with your current job?”. 

I'm not.

A year ago, I decided to leave the corporate world and quit my managerial position. I came to a point where I needed a “happy” life. I bravely faced the consequences of being unemployed and started to build my empire and founded my own Architectural Design Firm. It was never that easy, by hook or by crook chances only, since the income was not stable anymore. I needed clients to sustain my monthly needs and even took small projects as long as my firm will survive. You’ll learn to appreciate every single penny that you have. But it was a high start-up as no one started big. No shortcuts.

Owning an Architectural Design Firm eventually gave me a lux life where I can happily manage my life. From small projects, I got awarded with more significant fish projects that helped me to provide the monthly needs for my family and was able to prioritize them, too. Even dealing with clients became easy for me. Dealing with the client directly at this point is way different from dealing with your employer. I was able to meet my client's expectations because I can finally express my knowledge and skills to all my projects without being rushed and bossed around, just meeting the right timeline so your projects will not be compromised. I was able to practice the right thing for my field and passion. I was stressed but lesser than before when I was employed.

I became the way I should be. I've grown enough with the path I took. I became happy. I became a real Architect.

Founding your own Architectural Design Firm is already a big challenge for me. And it was made possible in a year when investors and more clients came in. Even my former employer hired me as their Consultant Architect. I got more projects. More blessings, indeed.

This turn of events is how the Great Architect planned my life. It was never too late for my time. I never even imagined myself owning my own Architectural Design Firm. Though it will still be a long way journey, I finally took a step to reach the top and be a successful one.


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