A Wealthy Design Project

One of the perks of being an Architect is to travel. Aside from having a project, you also have the chance to visit places, too.

Just this year, my former employer partnered me as their Consultant Architect, and a new project was awarded to me, the Wealth Bank Cebu branch. It is a Korean bank based in Cebu, which is led by the Gaisano Family. 

The project is in Cebu City, and the objective was to interior design in the banking area. The planning of the fit-out was already initiated by their end and by my partner. My responsibility here is to apply a Korean-inspired bank but will not be a conventional design from their other branches, local and international offices.

As a Filipino Architect, it was a challenge for me because I need to be careful about their details, from their branding to its Korean elements.
Proposed and approved interior design
Winning a client's heart is, sometimes, hard. Believe me or not, I had produced lots of proposals before I came up with the approved one. And it was a relief. I almost give up on this, but no, I didn't quit. Even the client doesn't want to give up on me, and that made me push through the final design. It was also a blessing to have that kind of client. They have had a chance of changing their designer, but they still gave their trust to me.

The construction of the project is currently ongoing. It was scheduled to be finished in almost two months. And my visit, most of the time, was scheduled once or twice a week.
Ongoing construction by my partner
For every site visit, I also have a chance to travel places and taste delicacies in Cebu.  

The first restaurant I've tried in Cebu City is at CnT Lechon. The foods were good so far, and since it was my first time to indulge food in Cebu, I made it sure I will taste their famous Lechon. There are too many restaurants serving Lechon, and hopefully I could eat each one of it.

It will not be the last visit. And I am willing to explore each hidden gems in Cebu!

Any suggestions you may have? Just feel free to comment on your recommendations below.

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