Better than a Design Contract

I had a short meeting with my former employer. 

It was nice to reminisce the past especially when she almost gave me a company. And I am very grateful by then. But things are meant to take its real purpose and that is to take the risk, to have my own company. I am still thankful for she never forgotten about me and actually gave me a project. Well, its like I am still her employee though but not. Hehe! A real contract per project. :)

The project is to interior design her hotel resort. :) I was the designer before when I was still her employee and it landed on my hands again. Haha! I am still happy that I will be able to finish my unfinished designs. Hehe!

I was actually moved by the time we met again and felt forgiveness for her. Yes, there are stories that I should be keeping to myself but maybe its time to move forward. Holding grudges won't make me succeed in life. Big or small, just forgive. Its part of life they say. I am still grateful for all the recognition she had given to me. I owe her bigtime. And I think it was God's will to resign in her company so I could start my own. At the end of the day, it was still her who helped me out to start a company, by resigning in hers before and now as a client of my own. Hihi!

Thank you Ma'am for pushing me so high to be a real Architect. God bless! :)

Cheesy quesadillas over my signed design contract hihi! Yeah, contract is important but food first. Haha!

I only order cheesy quesadillas but my former boss ordered me tapsilog. Haha!

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