Davao Visit after a Decade

I finally paid a visit to Davao after 14 years. A decade, indeed! 

So, I literally spent every hour to enjoy my stay. On my first day, I immediately invited my classmates and friends. So excited about me haha! And had our dinner at Out of Nowhere Kitchen in Matina, Davao City. The foods there were really affordable and each serving is so big. It was really worth it! A must try!

Caribbean Grilled Chicken
Jurassic Ribs
We also went to Matina Town Square where I was able to meet the rest of the batch. It was lucky for me! Before, we can’t actually visit the place due to minor age. But I can finally enjoy the place.

On my 2nd day of the visit, I finally visited Pearl Farm Beach Resort! It is one of the finest spots to visit in Davao. It was actually my first time since I never had a chance before due to my studies. So, I promised myself that I will definitely book my vacation here.

I’d spent an overnight stay only at the resort because the main reason for my Davao visit was to celebrate the 1st death anniversary of my grandmother.

Well, right after the day of the celebration, we schedule another meet-up with friends. So, we headed to Batu House Cafe in Marfori, Davao, and had our great feast.

Aside from I forgot the names of each food, I already forgot that I am on a diet.

Of course, I will not let my vacation end without spending it with my cousins. They set our itinerary and visited sites that I haven’t visited before. First was at Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen. Very native!

A chicken dish cooked in a bamboo
Their very owned blue rice which was cooked with a flower.
Homemade ice cream dessert. Very yummy!
Our family had also dined and had a few drinks at Amiya Resort Residences.

And lastly, we went to Malagos Garden Resort. There, we enjoyed at butterfly sanctuary, bird feeding, learned at their educational bird show and we especially enjoyed the Chocolate Museum! I even bought packs for pasalubong.

The Chocolate Museum
Believe me, aside from lack of sleep due to time constrain vacation, I gained so much weight. But to be honest, it was really nice to be back. I could say I got a great teenage life.

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