Mommy Gone Bloggin's Baby Shower

Events today are really unique and creative. And for us, it is somewhat a family reunion.

Ate Joy of Mommy Gone Bloggin, is popping real soon! It was actually unexpected. The last family reunion that we had was the first day of 2019. I was actually surprised when Kuya Bogs revealed it to me on the day we ocular their house for renovation at Dasma, Cavite. Still, they were blessed despite Ate Joy's age. 

So, they held a baby shower at Zoo Coffee, Tuscany, McKinley Hill, Taguig.

I was really in love when we first came to this coffee shop. The interior concept is soo unique! And they have stuffed safari animals, too! It completes the concept of a zoo. Don't be surprised when you're with an architect 'cause they will always notice the details. 

Part of the program was a financial stability talk by Ro Suarez. It was a great opportunity for everyone to attend and be enlightened by this talk. Since finances are never an easy thing to handle. Adulting it is! 

This event was not just a baby shower and financial stability talk but it is also a baby gender reveal party! Aside from being a relative, this is everything for us bloggers. It's a jam-packed bloggers event. See how Ate joy squeezed everything in just one event? Talk to her, she might be of help.

God's plan is indeed amazing. The least you expect the more it comes. We should always trust His process. Waiting is never an easy task, too. But we must put our faith in Him. After all, He did all the planning. :) 

Congrats, Ate Joy and Kuya Bogs. Godbless to your bunso!

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