The Season of Enhanced Community Quarantine

How are you? I hope you're well, especially today's unusual season.

The Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) was declared and started to implement last March 16, 2020, where everyone was obliged to stay at home for a month or until lifted. This measure is due to a pandemic, COVID-19. No work, no school, no public transportation, no food chain nor restaurants, and the likes. Markets, banks, pharmacies are most likely operates. The curfew was also implemented for each barangay.

Amid the quarantine, I made some snacks for my family. I dug out our ingredients stored in our kitchen since going to markets is also restricted for non-quarantine pass holders.

Here are the foods that I've made:

  • Ham and Cheese Rolls

  • Chicken Sisig

  • Tuna Pasta in Oil

  • Breaded Chicken

I have been doing more ice creams lately, and we're thinking of selling it soon. But for now, I will experiment first with the flavors, and hopefully, I could make more in the future. So, family would indulge in it every day. 

I hope everyone is still doing well during this pandemic. Stay safe, everyone!

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