My Oily Journey with Young Living

My first ever Young Living purchased was the Peppermint. Yes, I started with a single bottle since the Premium Starter Kit (PSK) was out of my budget. I even bought a no-brand cute diffuser just to save some bucks. Eventually, I gave in. It was when I got hospitalized last January 25, 2020. My heart got bigger and my heartbeat reached 200. The worst part was we paid Php 30,000 a day because it was Chinese New Year! The bill got doubled! So, when I got out, we invested in the Young Living. To be honest, I was not really sure if the oils could help me out. But hey, I have been diffusing for a year already and my heart is still in a normal state! Still doing the stressful works but my heart can now be finally managed. Investing in Young Living is worth paying than investing in a hospital bill. Do the math! It's really worth it!

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